The strong and elegant security guard

The strong and elegant security guard

A timeless, strong and maintainable glass railing

Plastmo glass railing is produced in a Scandinavian and easy-care design

Stable and solid railing

The glass railing is produced in a modern and timesless design. The system features doubleglazed tempered and laminated safety glass and easy-clean aluminium profiles. Because of the safety level the glass railings are versatile. They are, for example, ideal as a safetyguard or protective windbreak – with an uninterrupted view. The glass panels are made-to-measure which guarantees the best possible solution for your project.

Use our 3D calculator and get a complete list of materials for your project.

Topmounted or frontmounted

Choose between front or topmounted system. Both options have few component parts, which makes for simple and quick installation. Both solutions have to be fixed to a stable and lasting construction which has the strength there is necessary.

The topmounted glass railing is delivered with mounting plates on 110x110 mm. The plates are fastened to the construction through reinforcement profiles. The aluminum poles are then lowered over the reinforcement profiles. Choose between 4 colours: white, anodized alu, anthracite and black.

The frontmounted glass railing system is mounted with screws from the outside of the terrace. The pole goes 200 mm down from the level of the terrace with a notch into the pole, so that the glass are placed 50 mm in from the edge of the terrace. Frontmounted glass railing is available in anthracite.

The aluminium poles comes with all the accessories needed for a complete solution. See assortment.

Many applications

Because of the safety level the applications are many. The glass railing is ideal when you want to create a spacious feeling on the terrace sheltered from the wind or when you need a security guard for mounting in height with an uninterrupted view. 

Mounting of glass railing 

Some glass railing solutions can seem unmanageable but not this one. Plastmo Glass railing has few component parts, which ensures a quick and easy installation – also for DIY people. 

The aluminum poles have tracks in which the glass panels are mounted. That makes the solution one of the best and most solid on the market. You are guaranteed a secure solution. The handrail gives the railing an elegant finish. In addition, the unique design of the handrail reduces the risk of delamination and discolouring between the two layers of glass. 

15 year warranty

Coast near areas with salty air is not a problem for this railing. The solid profiles and the strong safety glass withstands all kinds of weather. Therefore you can install the glass railing nomatter where you live. We provide a 15-year guarantee on Plastmo Glass railing. You are covered against flaking of the surface paint on aluminum profiles.

Easy-care design

The railing is very maintenance friendly. The aluminum profiles and the safety glass are very maintenance friendly. Cleaning is recommended 1-2 times a year with water and soap.

Find further information on Plastmo Glassrailing under technical details.

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